Sport Buff are delighted to have teamed up with Watch Party providers FanFest on their recent PSG UEFA Champions League games. Providing its full suite of interactive engagements over their Fan discussions Sport Buff added an extra layer of enjoyment to the fans. The audience were able to get involved, vote, predict and rate the topics up for discussion, test their knowledge against other fans and ultimately compete for points and prizes. 


Sport Buff in Action:

As the PSG Superfans ruminated on the major topics going into their final Champion League group games in December Sport Buff presented the audience a remarkable opportunity that drove interaction and engagement across these in depth fan discussions. Viewers could help power and steer the conversation, compete for prizes by showing their knowledge while brand new ecommerce and transactional opportunities were opened up.


Any Content, anytime:

By adding Sport Buff’s simple solution to any platform the content is transformed from a passive leanback experience to an engaging lean in event. This interactive content can be curated simply and quickly to align to the conversation on screen and works so well with the enthusiastic, passionate discussions that FanFest is famous for. It should make the PSG new year push to finally deliver their Champions League dream a really engaging experience. 


Brand new opportunities:

With Sport Buff enabled over the content whole new benefits are made available to the platform owner. This means that in addition to the well publicised increases in engagement and retention there is now embedded into the product the opportunity to deliver e commerce and transactional inventory. 


An exciting future:

As Sport Buff picks up more and more partners, who have many differing types of content including live, VOD and debate we see how adaptable the solution can be across a diverse array of sporting content. As broadcast continue to evolve and innovate, we foresee exciting developments that will change forever the way audiences connect with content. The Sport Buff team is proud to be at the forefront of these advancements, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months.