Sport Buff’s Client Services Manager, Ollie Thomas, sat down with Lead Content Producer, Zara Buck, to discuss the importance of Mental Health First Aid in the office.

Ollie recently became Sport Buff’s very first, qualified Mental Health First Aider after completing a course run by Mental Health First Aid England. 

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem every single week, a statistic that is rising in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ollie gave some helpful tips on how to help people who you think may be struggling:

“If you’re worried about someone’s mental health, don’t wait for them to approach you because a lot of the time, that can be the hardest thing to do,” he said.

More and more companies are making it a requirement to have a Mental Health First Aider in their offices, an initiative that Sport Buff fully supports. Ollie was keen to underline the importance of this in the context of today’s world:

“It’s just as important to have a normal First Aider in your office as it is to have a Mental Health First Aider. The two should, and now do, go hand in hand.”

Check out the full interview on Ollie’s LinkedIn below!