Sport Buff have partnered with BBL to run over the top of this year’s edition of Copa Rakin.

Copa Rakin (The Rakin Cup) is a Brazilian Valorant tournament whose fourth edition will be running throughout June, with the finals being on the 20th. Sport Buff will be with you every step of the way, beginning on June 2 for the first round of qualifiers.

The event will be broadcast on Twitch on Rafael “Rakin” Knittel’s channel, where you’ll be able to find interactive predictions, polls and quizzes to get viewers closer to the action than ever before.

A prize pool of $120k BRL will be on offer through the tournament, which will include major Brazilian competitors such as Gamelanders, Team Vikings and yng Sharks. The event has official approval from Valorant game developers Riot Games and will be hoping to consolidate itself as one of the top, global Valorant tournaments.

Brendan Stock, VP of Sport Buff, said: “We’re extremely excited to get started on one of the biggest Valorant tournaments in the world.

“Sport Buff is extremely proud of its track record when it comes to covering esports and this event will only enhance that impressive reputation. Together with BBL, we hope to change the way that the audience consumes Copa Rakin by driving real-time engagement between the broadcaster and the audience.”

To read a full rundown of the event, check out ESPN’s article here.