MAU and Live Hours Requirements. Customers are required to provide a unique identifier (UUID) for each end user when their applications connect to the Sport Buff service, failing that BUFF will auto assign one. MAU and Live Hours in Pilot agreements are agreed to be capped by Customer at 100k MAU and 100 live hours. The Customer will be charged for usage in excess of the limit in the aggregate ("Monthly Active Users Overages" or “Live Hours Overages”) per the agreed pricing table, of whichever is the lowest price for Customer.

  • Monthly Active Users Overages
    (Active User is defined as a unique device ID that touches the BUFF Platform in a month)
    Tier 2
    (existing agreement is for <1M MAU)
    Tier 1
    (existing agreement is for >1M MAU)
    Number of UsersCost per MAUCost per MAU
    0 - 100,000$0.15$0.12
    100,001 - 250,000$0.14$0.11
    250,001 - 500,000$0.12$0.10
    500,001 - 1,000,000$0.11$0.08
  • Live Minutes & Hours Overages
    Live Minutes & Hours Overages
    (Live Hours is defined as total 60 minutes of a unique device ID that touches the BUFF Platform in a month, e.g. 10x UDID x 6minutes = 1 Live Hour. Live Hours applies to all consumption regardless of Live or VOD)
    Tier 2
    (existing agreement is for <10M Hours)
    Tier 1
    (existing agreement is for >10M Hours)
    Number of HoursCostCost
    0 - 1000$2.47$1.86
    1,001 - 10,000$24.53$18.55
    10,001 - 100,000$240.07$180.05
    100,001 - 500,000$1,236.68$927.51
    500,001 - 1,000,000$2,393.78$1,793.55
    1M - 5M$11,729.52$8,788.40
    5M - 10M$22,740.91$17,038.73