Activity – Following the success of our MLS watch-alongs in 2021, Sport Buff were tasked with gamifying the 2022 season of eMLS. Sport Buff was activated over the top of eMLS League Series 2 and eMLS Cup, the first LAN event hosted by MLS since the pandemic. ACL Live in downtown Austin was packed out with a raucous atmosphere and fans inside and outside the arena were able to participate in Sport Buff predictions!

Results – With Sport Buff fully integrated into the production flow and prizes for those who were in the top 10 in the leaderboard, Sport Buff engaged over 3,500 fans throughout the season. On average, Sport Buff players watched over 36% of the action. The extension was also used to educate viewers on the new eMLS players, new eMLS rules and even point people to other MLS elements, such as the 2022 eMLS Fan Challenge. Sport Buff cemented its place as a staple on MLS Twitch events, and proved that gamification is effective across eMLS as well as traditional MLS action.

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